Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I have to confess Dexter would not be my normal choice of viewing, and FX channel would not be one I normally hop to, but I was intrigued by adverts on the London Tube of a new series about a serial killer. OK, so there are plenty of crime dramas around but this was about the serial killer with him being the star. The ad intrigued me so I watched and was hooked, downloading episodes from the USA and watching the first season quite quickly. Now season 2 has just started in the US.

So, what is it about? Well, Dexter is a disturbed man who as a child witness the brutal murder of his mother. He was saved by a policeman from the bloody scene and adopted by the same policeman but the murder affected him. He now feels strange urges and desires that can only be satisfied by killing. His "father" realises the only way to stop Dexter from being incarcerated is to teach him a code and some control. Dexter's code is that he only kills those who kill others - he has some "ethics" - and he always covers his tracks by leaving no forensic evidence. Oh and did I mention his job? He's a Blood Spatter Analyst for the Miami Police Department.

I would not want to spoil the plot for you but season 1 ends with a bang. Season 2 opens with Dexter's stash of victims bodies being discovered. And look out for Dexter's girlfriend, she is someone that fan's of Buffy may recognise, Drusilla, played by Julie Benz.

One to watch without a doubt. If you liked, or didn't like it, let me know.

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