Monday, October 29, 2007

What the heck is a Zonbu

I've just received my latest toy. Yes, I am a sucker for all things electrical (well, not quite all - there are a few battery powered devices I could happily pass on). This is a "green PC" called a Zonbu.
It's a relatively low powered PC which runs a customised Linux operating system but with all the programs you would need already installed. It consumes around 15W - about the same as an Energy Saver lightbulb and additionally the manufacturers have bought carbon offsets to offset it's use. Oh how green can you get? A further major benefit is that it has no hard disk and the processor is a low power one so there are no moving parts and no need for a fan. Yes, it is totally quiet meaning it can be left on even in a bedroom without disturbing "she who must be obeyed". Next job is to replace the operating system with a customised and stripped (lean and mean) version of Windows, without all the Microsoft bloatware and then to integrate it into the home network as my 24/7 server in conjunction with my other low power box, the Buffalo Linkstation (although that has just turned out to be faulty and needs replacement). Stay tuned!


Lawrence said...

I just set up a new Zonbu box and also have a buffalo linkstation - if you have successfully created a connection from one to the other, I would love to know how you did it..

Methanoid said...

I didn't but I suspect a simple Samba share is the answer. I have since sold my Zonbu as I have actually got my Linkstation doing most of what the Zonbu was to do (ie usenet downloads, torrents etc).

I still think it would make a great Mediaplayer but the newer Zonbus cannot house a 2.5 in HDD!