Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ninja Warrior

Also known in Japan as Sasuke.

We've got into this TV show in a big way. It's the one thing on TV (as opposed to downloadable TV shows from USA) that I actually want to watch. It's a mad Japanese gameshow where grown men (and some women too) compete on a fiendish obstacle course that tests their skill and their physical prowess to complete four stages. Some of these stages are timed, all are difficult. If too many people get through, those fiendish Japs make it harder. It's been going for some years now and so far only two people have ever completed the thing. The first guy now has an eyesight problem and although he tries to compete he often cannot see what he is doing (which is potentially rather dangerous). The old and the young compete (we've seen a 14 year old and a 70-odd year old). Some of the regulars are stars in Japan and even some foreigners have competed like US Olympic medal winners who haven't done that well!

Our hero for this is a Japanese fisherman called Makoto Nagano. The man is a class act. He makes the thing look easy when it isn't and he is super-fit. I was very surprised to read he is only 5'3" tall.

Anyway, you are advised to check this show out. It's on in UK on ChallengeTV at 6pm or shown on US television as well. "Go Nagano!!!"

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