Friday, November 2, 2007


I've owned and used a fair few computers in my time from tape based TRS80s at school (and they were cutting edge) to the modern PCs we use today. The one computer that evokes most affection (yes, affection) and nostalgia is the Commodore Amiga. Now if you have just said "what's that?" then you should wash your mouth out with soapy water.


If you were an Amiga user in the late 80s and through the 90s you might be interested in emulations. Finally modern PCs have got sufficiently powerful to run an accurate emulation of the Amiga. Most people will be using a Windows PC and running WinUAE (the Windows Uxxx Amiga Emulator). WinUAE is a fine piece of software and can be configured to emulate most Amigas, even the later AGA chipset models. But for real emulation speed and features, nothing comes close to Amithlon. What Amithlon does is makes all the modern facilities of the PC available to the Amiga emulation - that means fast graphics, better sound, ethernet networking. You really get a powerful modern Amiga.

Unfortunately due to legal shenanigans Amithlon is no longer sold but copies are still traded on places like eBay. To run Amithlon you need compatible hardware - generally AMD and VIA kit works well (more info via the links). I spent quite some time hunting down the "perfect" motherboard, Abit's KV-81, which is fully supported and allows superfast gigabit networking. The Amithlon machine is set to dual boot - you can select your superfast Amithlon-based Amiga or (yuk) Windows XP.

Amithlon info can be found here

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