Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Amithlon again

Well, after much searching I believe I have found the perfect Amithlon motherboard. It's the Asus KV-81. So why is it perfect? Well, all the devices onboard are supported (which is always good) and it's microATX (which is better, means nice small cases are an option) but it's also just about the only board with gigabit ethernet that is supported by Amithlon (using the VIA Velocity chipset). The downsides for me are that I have a nice PCI-E graphics card and this board only takes AGP cards (so anyone wanna swap for a 7600GT?) and this is a Socket754 board and I have Socket939 chips. I managed to pick up a cheap Sempron 2600+ and have an Athlon 3000+ also cheap that is on the way. Now I have to sell the old S939 kit!

Anyway, a few install experiences. I had some issues with the partitioning of the hard disk. You can only have 4 Primary partitions which basically meant XP, Amithlon Kernel/Boot partition and the "Amiga hard disk" partition. I didn't manage to squeeze a Mac OSX partition in this time. My little advice I can offer is that if you want to have additional NTFS partitions for XP that you create them at the start when installing XP (which you do before Amithlon), make them logical and not primary partitions and use a partition package like Acronis Disk Director to move the partitions to the end of the physical hard disk layout. Then create your Kernel and Amiga partitions using XFDisk in the resulting space in the middle. If not then things look to be confused as XFDisk thinks your Kernel/Amithlon partition is your D or E drive!

One final tip. After configuration, boot from the Amithlon CD, not from HD. Then "install" the Amiga hard disk and WB3.9 from your Amithlon CD and then and ONLY then boot from the "Amiga hard disk".

My Amithlon boots using the old kernels, not the Gary Colville versions. Need to tweak the setup. Anyone care to offer some advice or help?


Alper said...

You can find almost everything you need to know here:

good luck

Methanoid said...

I got it working - I've been on EAB for many years - and then sold that PC. I was too rusty on using an Amiga and tweaking the Amiga side!!! I will probably build a new Amithlon machine soon though.. I have the perfect mobo - A8N-SLI-SE - since Intel mobos are not good for Amithlon