Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Hate MS Windows!

Well, sort of.

Windows is one of those necessary evils or so many will tell you. I find it a bloated operating system, it takes too much space, too much memory and therefore is inefficient. It comes with "eye candy" to make it look pretty but that doesn't change what it really is.

So what can we do? Well, there are many alternatives:

1) Linux - this is very much a realistic choice. I really doubt there is much reason for people to use Windows if it wasn't for the fact they had it pre-loaded on their PC or they found it easy to pirate. Try a Linux install like Ubuntu and you get all the Office applications, internet browsers and whatever you could want. My Linkstation is running Linux and can do an awful lot and similarly with the Zonbu! You can even try Linux using "Live CDs" where you keep your existing OS but boot Linux from the CD and can test and play with it before deciding if you want to install it.

2) Mac OSX - well I cannot claim to be taken with this but pretty much the same applies as for Linux. Less users though so less people writing for it. Interestingly if you like to try new stuff, you can install this on your PC to make what is called a Hackintosh (not Macintosh or Mac)

3) Amiga OS - well not really an alternative but you could have Amithlon running a fast non Microsoft system. Amithlon can run with very little else on your system bar a small FAT32 partition. Less software around for it too. Same applies to an AmigaOS clone called MorphOS.

4) Hyperspace - just publicised. This aims to save on the loading times associated with booting a Windows PC. More info here

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pegasus said...

I am using Fedora 10 , a linux operation system, it is cool and keeps updating.