Thursday, November 1, 2007


We have two of them and they are, of course, adorable. These are the latest in a line of Burmese cats I have owned and these two are very different from the others.

Zaphod is a Chocolate boy and very small. I would not expect him to ever look like an adult cat but he's still cute and has a stubby face. He is, at the current time, rather strangely the "top cat" and he is quite aggressive with his brother, growling over possession of the sacred toy, the shaped pipe cleaner which looks, to a kitten, rather like a spider of sorts.

Aslan is a Lilac boy, quite chunky and muscular but is #2 cat. He is by all definitions of a Burmese and by those of The Sun newspaper, "a stunner". He has a lovely colour and shape. He's also very dippy and prone to losing the plot and staring at the ceiling as though he is having hallucinations. We think he is "touched" and a "special needs kitty".

Anyway, I'll post some pics later. Remind me to post some more in three months or so or late December because by then the poor boys will no longer be "whole". I hesitate to use the word "chop" in case they are internet-savvy kittens and read this!

[Update - Still haven't got pix sorted but dug out this one of my kittens' mum, brother and uncle]

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