Thursday, November 15, 2007

OMG I am a Nintendo Fanboy!

Well, this was a shock to admit this to myself. Having spent years scoffing at Ninty fanboys and my son in particular I have slowly come to this moment where I have realised I am a Ninty Fanboy.

I did own a SNES some while back but probably mainly because there were devices like the Wildcard where you could backup games to floppy disk and play them without cartridges. But I soon got bored and sold the SNES and Wildcard - there was just so much Streetfighter 2 you could play.

I easily resisted the N64 although my son had one to play the Pokemon games. His arrived after the console was officially "dead" so wasn't expensive. Sure, Goldeneye was impressive but I easily resisted.

Gamecube? Well, I laughed at that from my Xbox heights. I did relent and get a PS2 for the family to use Eyetoy and Dancemat games mainly. Again, my son got a Cube later than most (just as it was dying) but it didn't grab me. He was still on his Pokemon Colosseum games at this time. I did notice that there were a few of the more mainstream games out on the GC though.

And Wii. Well by now I had to admit that Nintendo had something special out and the social gaming that Wii Sports brings looked rather fun. The most beloved in a moment of pure genius produced one for me at Xmas 06 and we all agreed it was the best surprise present ever. Much fun and several Wii Sports-related injuries later it's still a revolutionary console. Sure, the graphics are not "Next Gen" like the Xbox360 and PS3 but graphics don't make the game, the gameplay does. The Wii also made me look hard at the Cube's back catalogue and generally if the game was good it got a Cube release too, bar the few "exclusives" like Halo and Project Gotham or God of War.

And I haven't even touched on handhelds and how Ninty owns that market. Maybe another time? Feel free to disagree with my views.

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