Friday, November 9, 2007

Saving the Planet

The Linkstation hacking is going rather well.

So far I have upgraded the hard disk to a larger one, re-sizing the partitions so that I have extra space to install all the goodies that I am adding to it. Then I opened the firmware up on the box ("hacked it") and installed a few Linux goodies to make life easier. I tweaked the box to enable it to act as a web server for a personal web page which isn't written yet but you can get the empty site at I wonder if you know what that website might be about? The last improvement for me is the best. I installed a usenet downloading package that downloads files from the internet, checks and unpacks them, all whilst the PC is switched off. Now if you think that a Linkstation uses 15W power and a PC normally around 175W, the saving in electricity pays for the Linkstation and upgraded hard disk in about a year. I have to do my bit to save the planet don't I.

The thing is so good that I wonder what my Zonbu will do!

A full how-to for installing the usenet downloader is available at the Linkstation wiki at NAS-Central here.

Next is a web interface for remote control of the usenet package and perhaps a Bit torrent client.

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