Monday, November 26, 2007

Wot no Zonbu?

I've sold my Zonbu. A bit strange to only have it a few weeks but my needs have changed. I still think the Zonbu is a great PC and a great concept - green computing.

I had considered the Zonbu originally to become my download box, allowing it to download all day to either an external USB drive, an attached 2.5inch drive or to a NAS. Anyway, astute readers (are there any?) might have noticed my success with the Buffalo Linkstation NAS box which is now acting as my download box using Hellanzb for usenet downloads. The only other role the Zonbu could have fulfilled would have been to act as a video player but it's probably expensive to do that so the Zonbu is going. The Linkstation still fulfills my Green computing needs!

What will be the video player? Well, a Freecom MG-35.

That's another entry though when I have updated that with "modded" firmware! What fun - boy toys!

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