Monday, December 10, 2007

Core2Duo Goodness!

Just upgraded the #2 PC cheaply by flogging some other components I had spare. The new system is also a G33 based microATX motherboard (this time an Asus P5K-VM) with 2gb of PC6400 memory and a cheapie E2180 Core2Duo processor. Recently did a budget CPU article which confirmed what we all knew - this is a bargain chip. As standard its a 2ghz processor and even at that speed is pretty quick but it also is a good overclocker. All I had to do was raise the FSB up leaving all voltages at standard and it's now a 3ghz CPU. It's plenty quick enough for our needs so I cannot see the point of pushing to the absolute limit. It did boot at around 3.3ghz in a quick test but I think the memory was too pushed to cope. Either way, £50 for a super fast CPU has to be good and the motherboard will be good for the next bargain CPU coming from Intel, the 45nm E8400 which should also clock to 4ghz with ease. That''s next year realistically.

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