Monday, December 17, 2007

Portable Applications

You know the problem, you have some useful application but you cannot run it at work or at college because the nasty system admininistrators have their systems locked down so tightly you cannot install any executable files (or maybe you don't want to as you don't want to leave traces behind). The solution? Portable apps! These will run from a USB pendrive or whatever portable device you have (Apple iPod anyone?). But not just serious applications, games can be portable too.

I've done some looking around and here are some of the handy things I have found:

Portable Firefox - handy if you cannot abide Internet Explorer, also handy as Firefox has extensions to add functionality like FTP, Torrents etc.

Portable Counterstrike - very handy for a quick blast. Haven't the nerve to try it at work though

Portable MS Office inc Frontpage - this was powered by Thinstall, a virtualisation program which effectively allows a PC within a PC to run and is a very powerful tool. I had a play with a friend's copy and we Thinstalled Frontpage but it's not an easy process or particular intuitive to do. The results are superb though. A search of Bittorrent sites can reveal Thinstalled Office suites for download of varying sizes. The downside to Thinstall is the astronomical price $4995 if I understand their pricing structure. Ouch.

MojoPac - this is another way to carry portable apps. Basically you install your PC on a removable storage device (USB pendrive, iPod etc) and when you plug it into another PC you can run all your apps from that device, any reading and writing being to that device and nothing whatsoever is changed on the host PC which just provides the hardware. A clever idea but no good for me as my workplace have USB devices very heavily restricted so we can only write to approved devices (which iPods are not!).

Anyone come across any other portable beauties? Let me know!

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