Friday, December 21, 2007

Xbox Bling

Well, yesterday was a fun trip shopping. I bought my Asus Eee for £199, having haggled at PC World where they put the price up overnight. It's very cute but more on that later. Another purchase was an Xbox. Having sold mine about 10 days ago for £100 (the package) I found via that Game in the UK were selling off their "pre-owned" stock for £20 each (well £19.98 actually) so I bought one (well two actually, one for a work colleague) and have decided to soft-mod it (or maybe chip it) to allow XboxMediaCenter to be installed. XBMC is a superb media center app that plays every format you could want. At £20 for the Xbox you can't go wrong. But now I've seen some Xbox mods l am being tempted to build a blinged up Xbox like the one in the pic above (more info here

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