Monday, January 21, 2008


Nope, not those has-beens from the Sixties but Mods for Games.

In recent years it has become all the rage for smart young things (any old Modders out there) to show how clever they are by designing new levels or new graphics for existing games. Some games have even supported this by including level design programs or level editors or by making tools available from official websites. Many games have such mods now.

What is the cool thing about these mods is that many are high quality and most importantly, FREE!

The game that probably most epitomises the mod is Counterstrike. This game sprung from the loins of Valve Software's Half Life and was a freely downloadable online-enabled multiplayer game that you needed the original Half Life to play. Later they even packaged Counterstrike as a separate game and sold it. Counterstrike is arguably the largest online game (because I refuse to acknowledge World of Warcraft as a game as it's pathetic, IMHO!). It's still great some years later and has been remade using Valve's HalfLife 2 engine as "Counterstrike Source".

A good starting place to look for mods for your old and completed game is A few mods that I think are worth a look are listed below. Feel free to post details of your favourite mods.

Operation MarketGarden mod for Call of Duty
German Front Mod 2 mod for Call of Duty 2
Zombie Stress Mod (single player) for Half-Life 2
Zombie Panic Source mod (multi-player) for Half-Life 2

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