Monday, April 14, 2008

PSP vs DS Lite

I used to own a PSP (and to be honest am considering getting a PSP Slim and Lite - what a crap name!!) and my son owns a DS Lite. There is no doubt the DS outsells the PSP and I bet that surprised Sony. It surprised me at the initial launch as the PSP is a much more powerful handheld than the DS by a huge factor. PSP has better graphics, faster processor, more memory, TV output (with the Slim) and plays video and music. Surely it should have whupped the DS by now?

What does the DS have that made it win? In my opinion 3 things and it's not having two screens or being touch screen!!

Battery Life

PSP lasts about 3 hours but a DS lasts 50% longer. Although PSP is supposed to last 3 hours my experience was that it struggled to make that. Also the PSP battery loses charge all the time - come back to a PSP after 3 days and it is often flat. The DS is always there with charge. This helps make a convenient pick up and play device.


The DS is smaller and lighter. It's pick up and go and stuff into a pocket. You need generous pockets to stuff a PSP into!


PSP games are PS2 titles (or comparable). They are great but they are not really the thing for a 5 minute game. DS games are all about fun and very innovative. Have a look at Trauma Center or Nintendogs or Brain Training. Sure, the PSP has some great games and even has Grand Theft Auto but the DS has the fun factor.

So, there you have it.. why I think the DS has won the handheld war (for this generation). It's a similar story to the Wii - PS3 - 360 battle.

Having said all that, yes, we have a Wii and a DS, we also have a PS3 now. If only Sony allowed or hackers provided homebrew on the PS3.

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