Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Moving to the Dark Side?

I keep getting tempted by people in my office who are clearly Mac fanboys. I'm not tempted by them as people (oh no, I don't swing that way) but I am tempted by the Apple kit they keep harping on about.

iPhone 3G - I am sold on this and have registered for it on CPW and O2 websites for the July release. It looks to be my ideal handheld device.

Phone - I don't like to carry a phone (some of us don't wanna be in 24/7 contact with the world) but my significant other likes me to be in contact so I need a phone like most people.
Internet - I'm an internet junkie - there, I admit it. The iPhone's Safari mobile browser is the best I have seen. Watch anyone doing the pinch and release resizing a web page and you'll see how easy it is to use. With 3G on the new model the internet is there for you all day and night, even on the train!
Games - not perfect as a mobile gaming device but it has some games and there is a joypad hack being worked on by
Music - it's a iPod Touch for crying out loud. It plays music, well!
...and much more

iMac - well this is for another post... I need to work on the significant other to allow me to get one of these.

Mac Mini - HTPC in waiting. Some months away for me I think.

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