Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another Boytoy

I've bought a new low power PC. This one is the el cheapo Shuttle, the KPC K45 where KPC stands for Korporate PC. What a crapola name. Hopefully when I assemble it all it won't be as bad as the name. I should be chucking some spare kit and some bits from other systems into this to make it a "low power" PC for basic server duties. Spec should be Pentium Dual Core E2180 (2ghz but hopefully either BSEL-modded or overclocked to 2.66ghz since it runs at 3ghz at default volts), 2Gb Ram, 2 Samsung terabyte SATA drives and a dual DVB-T Freeview tuner. If it runs quietly and without consuming too much power I will pension off my Linkstation and use this as my web server, download box, PVR, Rom-box and heaviest use PC whilst my more powerful other PCs can be used for games and internet use but not running 24/7. I've considered an Atom based machine but they are rather slow and if unarchiving an 8gb download may take quite a while and slow down for other uses. At least the E2180 is a Core2Duo in disguise and will easily cope with all the tasks. One other thing - this box is ideal as an OSX Hackintosh so I may try dual booting XP and OSX.

I also got myself an Xbox 360 a week or two ago, selling the PS3 I had. Why you ask? Well there are more games for the 360, its cheaper too and I don't need Bluray on my 720P HDTV yet. Maybe the next TV I buy will be 1080P and by that time I'll have need for decent HD sources but not yet. Anyway, the HDMI port I have will do fine for the Xbox Elite which has an HDMI connection too.

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