Friday, September 19, 2008


My Wind dual boots now into Mac OSX and into Windows XP.

The easy way to do this is to download from your friendly Torrent site a file called WindOSX86.iso and burn it to a DVD. My experience of this wasn't very smooth - I burned the disk 3 times, first at 16x, then 4x and finally to a re-writable disk at 1x (so if it barfed I hadn't wasted another disk). Boot the Wind from an external USB DVD drive and install. The only thing to note was the need to uncheck "Kernel" from one of the install options but otherwise all very easy. Wireless doesn't work as the card that the Wind has as standard isn't compatible but a cheap Dell 1490 card can be bought from eBay and installed at the same time as upgrading the memory. I have the memory sitting waiting for my wireless card now.

Given the difficulty in getting a reliable burn on the install DVD I found a procedure whereby you can transfer your install DVD to a USB stick so since I had a spare 8gb stick I now have my installer on that, plus images of additional Mac software I can install. I have my hard disk split into 15gb for Windows, 15gb for OSX and 45gb for shared data, accessible by both operating systems.

My recommended Mac software for starters

MS Office 2008 (or Open Office which is free!)
Paragon NTFS (which enables read and write to NTFS drives like Windows uses - OSX only reads but won't write without this extra software)
XSlimmer (this removes all non-Intel code from Mac installs - OSX runs on both PPC and Intel processors and there is no point in storing PPC code that will never be run)
Firefox (I love Firefox because it is so configurable - AdBlock, FlashBlock and Foxmarks - via Addons)

If you have a Wind then why not try a bit of hacking yourself. The forums at are a good source of info, not just about this hack but all sorts of interesting info

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