Monday, November 10, 2008

An Apple a day....

Having tinkered with Ubuntu and triple booting on the MSI Wind (Advent 4211) I came to the conclusion that it was easier just having one OS on the hard disk of the Wind (my main one) and others on USB sticks. I managed to install OSX onto an 8Gb USB2 stick I have. Write speeds are slower on USB sticks so it took over an hour to install. I booted it up successfully but it took about 3m 40s compared to 1m 30s odd for the hard disk. Not sure if that is anything to do with setting the Owners on the stick but it was enough to kill the idea for me. However, Ubuntu supports USB booting and I only want to use Ubuntu to try Aircrack-ng so I will try Ubuntu on USB later.

Anyway, when in OSX mood I decided to update my OSX install to 10.5.5. I got some advice from a friendly user on's forums. The procedure is basically

Download the 10.5.5 update from Apple website (or use the Update facility in the OS - I prefer to download as I may do it on other machines
Download the Wind drivers
Download Kext Helper
Download the GMA950 Kexts (revised ones)
Apply update
Apply drivers
Apply GMA950 kext
Fix permissions

I had a problem with my keyboard being killed by the update. This was "fixed" by plugging in a USB Wireless keyboard I had (luckily) and then when the drivers had been applied the keyboard returned. A normal USB keyboard would have done just as well. I also experienced the weird 800x600 screen bug but after about 3 reboots that disappeared.

Now, finally, a 10.5.5 OSX. The current WindOSx86 disk install method is due to be replaced by a method that involves using a proper retail (untouched, unhacked) OSX install DVD and a custom CD. This method is based on the Boot-132 process detailed on and should result in a clean install that will take updates without breaking and needing many re-patches.

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