Saturday, November 8, 2008

I've gone all Twonky!

I have a small problem. Every time I want to find an excuse to buy some new kit I am thwarted. This time I had decided I could find a case for a new low power PC, the Asus Eee Box. I've been playing with streaming video to my Wii and Xbox 360 as I need a media player downstairs to be able to watch my Xvids. I suppose (I realise as I type this) I could persevere with using my slim PS2 but it was too flakey and difficult to set up. Anyway, I discovered a great program called TVersity which works with just about anything. But for the Wii it needs to transcode the Xvid into an FLV (Flash Video) file before streaming that as the Wii cannot play Xvid. This needs a PC. I experimented with this by installing TVersity on my MSI Wind clone (Atom 1.6ghz same as the Eee Box) and it just (and I mean just) coped with transcoding. I tried with my Xbox 360 and that doesn't need transcoding.

And that's when it hit me. If the 360 didn't need transcoding then maybe I didn't need a PC. It was then that I came across MediaTomb and the solution I plumped for, Twonky. Twonky isn't free but the demo lasts 30 days before you need to buy. Mediatomb is free. So I'll make a proper decision in 30 days.

But Twonky will run on my Linkstation - and use 13W in total. Oh bloody hell, yet again the Linkstation stops me buying some nice new kit. Again it saves me money. Damn that little box of tricks. It does everything!!


Jim said...

So transcoding with Tvbersity on an Intel Atom 1.6 Ghz is no good? Darn, I was hoping this could help me with my xbox and unsupported formats :(
Please email me if there is anything else you'd like to comment on the matter after more experimenting. Thanks for the post!

Methanoid said...

I said, it "just" copes with transcoding. I cannot recall what % of CPU it used but it was really at the limit. Perhaps a dual core Atom would cope better?