Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mac Mini or Hackintosh?


Rumours abound on the net about a possible update to the Mac Mini. The suggestions include using the same chipset as used in the updated Mac Book, the 9400M from Nvidia. This is by far the best integrated VGA on a motherboard so is worth getting excited about. It would be probably the final push towards me buying a Mac Mini.

But an alternative is out there lurking away, in the form of Hackintosh. A few mobos have been released using the desktop version of the same chipset (and they are faster) - example the Gigabyte GA-E7AUM-DS2H.

If this can be hacked for OSX then we could pop a quad core CPU in as well. Integrated VGA could always be updated later to something even faster if needed.

I'm torn in two. Three if you count the desire to get one of the new aluminium Mac Books. Apple are making such good looking hardware that I can see how they sell it at the premium they do.

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Michiel said...

I'm in exactly the same position, although I would like to fit either of the two options in my old imac g4. Good luck with your decision.