Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Flashed my "new" eBay Linkstation with Stevie's firmware as it arrived in EM mode (nice!). Noticed on my Kill-a-Watt that it read 12W which is actually a couple of watts less than the previous LS Live's I've used. Only difference is Stevie's firmware (should make no difference) and that this is a LS Live v2. Not unhappy.

Anyway, in quest for more efficiency I popped the HD out (different guide for this as the layout is different) and popped in a 160gb SATA 2.5" laptop drive I had lying around.

Result? 8W when drive in use... that's fricking awesome... Just now moving 500gb of data off my Eeebox to the 500gb SATA the LS came with, then pop the 500gb drive from the Eee (2.5" of course) and have to copy 500gb over again. Still, it will be a nicer quieter and more economical Linkstation.

Then onto the customisations, Optware, NZBget etc.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lord of the Boxes - The Fellowship of the Linkstation

I struggled for a title for this entry which is also rather overdue - I hadn't done any entry this year!!

Should it be Star Wars or Lord of the Rings themed? Blog Wars or Lord of the Boxes? Return of the Linkstation, The Linkstation Strikes Back, A New Linkstation or The Fellowship of the Linkstation, The Two Boxes, Return of the Linkstation. Ah, who cares.

I have a new Linkstation (again) - this must be my fourth Linkstation Live. They are so hackable. I wanted to try the new firmware produced by "StevieWonder". I'm still very pleased with my Eee Box but that can be put to more general PC duties and the Linkstation can return to the server and download duties. I expect the box tomorrow and will be swapping the HD for my 500gb notebook drive (which will be silent and lower power consumption). I'll pop it on the Kill-A-Watt and report the change in usage when done. Then the Stevie Wonder firmware plus NZBget.

Oh and I should be re-visiting Amithlon, OSX and Linux on a Quad Boot machine. That will be fun!