Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Flashed my "new" eBay Linkstation with Stevie's firmware as it arrived in EM mode (nice!). Noticed on my Kill-a-Watt that it read 12W which is actually a couple of watts less than the previous LS Live's I've used. Only difference is Stevie's firmware (should make no difference) and that this is a LS Live v2. Not unhappy.

Anyway, in quest for more efficiency I popped the HD out (different guide for this as the layout is different) and popped in a 160gb SATA 2.5" laptop drive I had lying around.

Result? 8W when drive in use... that's fricking awesome... Just now moving 500gb of data off my Eeebox to the 500gb SATA the LS came with, then pop the 500gb drive from the Eee (2.5" of course) and have to copy 500gb over again. Still, it will be a nicer quieter and more economical Linkstation.

Then onto the customisations, Optware, NZBget etc.


BiL0 said...

Hello Methanoid,
I love your blog and I found so many different interesting ideas etc.
I have a question for you if you can help answer it would be great.
I'm thinking in getting the linkstation live 500 gb with the bittorrent client but I can see bad review about it.
Now that you have it and had it for a while would you mind commenting on it?
The real question is where do I get the interesting Steve's firmware ?
Thanx for the info

Methanoid said...

Hi, glad you like it. I have no problems with my LS but again sold my LS to a guy who was unable to work out how to do most of the stuff we do here and at NAS central. So he needed remote access and me fixing it all up for him. Therefore I think you need to make sure you're prepared for a little hacking to get the best out of a Linkstation. I am getting the new LS-XHL (its a faster CPU on the LS) for review and will do a full review on that as soon as I get one.

In summary, yes buy one but be prepared to do some hacking. The Stevie Wonder firmware is for older Linkstations to give them all the things the NEW Linkstations have. Its available via the Blog Entry about Bittorrent if my memory serves me!

BiL0 said...

That was fast :o)
Thanx Methanoid, appreciate the reply.
I have the NSLU2 Network Storage that I hacked with new firmware etc, so hacking is no problem but the bad review where that the unit wont come back online once in sleep mode and that it was very noisy.
I'll let you know when I get it
I see the one you want to buy and I would love one of those but I can't afford it at present.
I look forward to your review.
I may ping you later when I get a full idea to what's available on the net (if I can) :o)
thank you again for all the nice info