Monday, April 20, 2009


I was browsing for sources to find a few files to complete my TOSEC collections of Amiga stuff and came across Torrentzip. It’s all rather clever really. Basically run your collection through CLR Mame Pro’s renaming function to make sure you’re named the same way as the source torrent’s files and then drag the whole folder of files that you want to complete onto Torrentzip. It then zips the files in the same way as the source torrent and when you join the torrent to download it can work out what files you already have and only downloads the missing ones. Simple but so clever. Only took me a few Mb on a 6Gb torrent to complete my sets.

I see no reason why this would not work with the Linkstation torrent client. However I am waiting for my LS-Pro-XHL before I can test this. I should be posting a review here (or somewhere else depending on how things go) a few weeks before the XHL goes on sale in Europe.

Fingers crossed ;)