Tuesday, January 5, 2010


OK a prize to the person who gets the "Shiny" reference ;)

I tried Chrome yesterday for the first time. Well not for the first time but I found I could use Chrome for the first time. And it's GOOD.

I have long been a Firefox fan. The customisations offered by Firefox addons are a god send and enable you to do so much more. Internet Explorer is a dinosaur and always playing catch up. Tabbed browsing for example was in Firefox (and Opera) well before IE got it. I hate to see my workplace is still stuck on IE6 (and have recently blocked my
previous "mods" to enable Firefox to be used!!).

For me the critical Firefox addons that made me never want to use any other browser were:

Adblock, Flashblock, XMarks, Download Statusbar, NZBdstatus, Pleasuredome Ratio addon, Greasemonkey scripts

Anyway, recently I saw a Chrome Portable install and thought to revisit Chrome again. I Googled to see what extensions I could use and found a few that looked promising. Only bad thing was that it seems they don't
like to work on the Portable Chrome so I installed Chrome alongside Firefox.

The extensions for Chrome I chose were:

Adblock, eBay, Firebug Lite, GoogleMail checker, IE Classic, RSS Extension, SABconnect, uTorrent

Now I can do almost all I could with Firefox and more, with that slick and quick operation that Chrome has. Bookmarks synchronised automatically.

Downsides? There always are. Some insignificant (like having no extension to monitor my Pleasuredome ratio) and some significant like in the bookmark department. Google Chrome Bookmarks are not the same as Google Bookmarks. This is strange and a mistake IMHO. It's great to auto sync bookmarks but those synced bookmarks cannot be read via the web. Surely some mistake? It would have been so helpful to have been able to
read my home bookmarks at my workplace during those lunchtime browses!

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