Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Moth Goes to the Flame Again

Yup, it had to happen. After buying and selling and buying and selling and.. well you get the idea... I've been through a fair few Linkstations and I had a review copy of the Linkstation Pro XHL.

Well I couldn't resist or find a better more economical solution so I bought a Linkstation Pro XHL without HDD which will be fitted with 1.5Tb drive and flashed to open firmware and have many goodies added to it.

Can't wait for delivery. Watch this space Linkstation fans! :D


mattgordon said...

Well good luck and i'll look forward to shmod9. I can't imagine what else you can add apart from maybe newsgroup support!

Methanoid said...

ShMOD is not me BTW.... but I've put it on this box and I will be putting usenet client on too most likely. It's already acting as my Torrent server and file server. Popped a 2Tb drive into it - yessir, very nice!

lr said...

where is stevie wonder these days

Methanoid said...

He's watching ;)

BTW this new LS-XHL has a 2Tb Samsung fitted and draws ONLY 9.5W on idle.. that's fricking awesome!!!

Seo Jong Do said...

following me please


Soopahfly said...

I've got a question for StevieWonder.
I love what you've done with the firmware, makes a real difference to the performance and useability of the box.

My question is...

Now that you have put Twonky at /usr/local, how do I remove it and put my own in it's place?

I'm using the 6.0 beta as it nicely aggregates all the files from my other servers to one place.

Or, could you tell me how to edit the menu to not point at 9050, and change it to 9000 so I can just install my own as normal?

Thanks in advance!

mattgordon said...
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mattgordon said...

Gotta quickly ask, with shmod8 should the following work as i can't seem to get mine running even it i reflash.
ip:9025 = FireFly
ip:9000 = WebAxis
Any ideas or is there a shmod9 to sort it, in making?
(sorry to ask here but i can't find anywhere else with this much info on Stevie Wonders mods)

mattgordon said...

I was a tool, i needed to turn on itunes in service setup!

Tinyclanger said...

Hi Methanoid, sorry to hijack the thread, but I've also got a question relating to the linkstations.
Is there a way of checkng that the fan service is running ?
I keep getting random crash's with the LS continually beeping, no lights on. (using latest Stevie Wonder firmware)
Searching the 'net I can only find references to an MPU failure, which I assume is a processor failure. I'm pretty sure though it's caused by the fan not starting up.
Rebooting the LS works fine, so i'm convinced the processor is fine.
Cheers !

Anonymous said...

I doubt there will be any more updates for a while

Im quite happy with the HS-DHGL firmware atm

unless there's a big bug or something good comes out from buffalo that I want to add

also i have a few xhl and chl v2's to play with now

Anonymous said...

Spoke too soon

Added uTorrent
Updated to NasNavi2 2.27


Anonymous said...


for uTorrent
or from the web interface on port 80

monsta said...

Thanks Stevie - excellent job once again

Anonymous said...


the default login is admin
btw with no password

Methanoid said...


Whats the improvement with uTorrent over the BT client. Since uTorrent is the official BT client and we have an official BT client (built with BT's source) is there any difference?


Anonymous said...

its far better than the old client

you can set anything in options
it gives stats etc

it was added to chlv2/xhl 1.31
and promptly ripped out by me

take a look at


Methanoid said...

Great. Looks like with uTorrent we'll have ability to download single files within a torrent which we didnt have with older client. I'll be upgrading shortly.

Methanoid said...

DOH - nearly flashed this on my LS-XHL. I guess that just needs an upgrade to 1.31 to add this.

BTW does that wipe out my Optware etc?

Methanoid said...

We need an Open Stock LS-XHL 1.31 please ;)

Anonymous said...

there is one:p

be warned xhl's buffalo have enabled
dtcp-ip on xhl's in the form of twonky 5.0.34 (early beta very old)
its crap http://9050 = blank page
ps3 = alot dont play
xbox360 = nothing plays

chlv2's get twonky 4.4.19 so that works fine


Methanoid said...

1) And the one you link to contains the updated BT client AND correct Twonky?

2) Does it zap my Optware?

3) I know NZBget is more efficient but SABnzbd has some cooler features but I cannot get it working with XHL.

Anonymous said...

no the one i linked doesnt disable twonky 5.0.34

i need to find out how they are editing /etc/nas_feature every boot
and where they are pulling the data from


it interests me that they are pulling that the drive was 1.5tb from factory

it has had a 2tb since first boot
as when i pulled it from the box i replaced the drive before first boot

both of them are =0 on chlv2's on 1.31

i would rather disable 5.0.34 from nas_feature than mess with the scripts

but need to find time to look into it

Anonymous said...

here's a simple fix for now



then after its updated

vi /etc/init.d/twonky.sh

line 239

if [ "${SUPPORT_DTCP_IP}" != "1" ]; then

change to

if [ "${SUPPORT_DTCP_IP}" != "2" ]; then

save and exit

rm -r /usr/local/twonky-alt


it will run twonky 4.4.19 from then on

Anonymous said...

i will do a propper fix at some point

Methanoid said...

I'd like to see a SHMOD with usenet support. For LS-XHL it could be SABnzbd with Sickbeard (auto download TV shows you follow) and for slower LS with NZBget. Or have both and choose which to run.

Re the Twonky I'll wait for a fixed one cos I am lazy and since I'll lose my optware I cant be arsed to tweak anything else ;)

Soopahfly said...

I lost my optware when installing, but all I use is NCFTP.

Unless anyone can recommend a better FTP Client?

monsta said...

I tried changing the username & now I can't get in to the gui using either the 'admin' or new username.

Any ideas how I can reset it to default?

monsta said...

I've also tried reflashing the firmware, but no change.

I then tried /usr/local/bittorrent & have had a look in btsettings.txt & settings.dat but I couldn't see any user info.

Anyone have any ideas how to perform a clean install?

monsta said...

tried following the instructions here


which say to

"Initalize the BT client in the Linkstations web page and reset the Linkstation to factory defaults (again using the admin GUI), otherwise reinstall the 1.31 FW while enabling its debug options (deleting the user config)"

so I tried both but that didn't work either... Had a root around the Buffalo forums, & there are quite a few posts from people having the same sorts of problems after changing the uTorrent username. Most of the solutions mention initializing the BT settings as in the first solution which I took to mean disable/enable the 'BitTorrent Function', but in this post


Thaitawat says to

"Initialize Bittorrent Settings on menu Extensions--> Bittorrent

After Initialize set enadle bittorrent again."

So should there be an Initialize BT Setting somewhere which I can't find? Am I missing a trick here?

Worse case, can I downgrade the firmware to the previous ShMOD which used the _other_ BT client?

Soopahfly said...

Any chance of getting NZBGet/NZBGetweb integrated into the next version?

Pretty Please :D

Methanoid said...

I wish....NZBget works very well but I.d like to try SabNZBd on LSXHL

say170 said...

I have errors using the inbuilt ftp trying to send some files to hotfile. It gives this error:
"KERBEROS_V4 rejected as an authentication type"
but a simple ftp is built into busybox but isn't enabled in Stevie's firmware. If you run the following from /bin, it enables it:
ln -s ../../bin/busybox ./ftpput

There are lots of other busybox utilities (which you try at your own risk). They are listed here:

Soopahfly said...

Twonky 6 would be nice in the next one. I seem to have problems with version 4.

Also, what's the biggest capacity drive you can put in a Ls Live v2?

Methanoid said...

@Stevie Wonder

1.33 FW for LS-XHL is out.

We need a new SHMOD (with the fixed Twonky included). Would be really nice if it included NZBget as well ;)

However one BIG thing I would like to see is the ability to call a script on completion of a Bittorrent download. Can that be done?

Anonymous said...

Decorating at the moment
not going to have time for a while

Methanoid said...

You need to take time away from decorating to stay fresh and effective at it. Tell the Boss that and spend some time with the Linkstation!!! :D

I've found a possible way to pension off my "new" server even before its been fully installed.

Linkstations when opened up are truly awesome little toys. When do the 3Tb drives ship ;)

Soopahfly said...

Please, if you do include NZBGET, Please work out how to get Oversight working with it!

Soopahfly said...

Meth, have you come across any problems with the latest lighttpd?

I've tried to get NZBGetweb running on 3 different LS-Live/Pro's and all of them are crashing.

I've changed the server type to Poll form KQUEUE, with no joy.

Problem is, I've had it working in the past. The only thing I can see that's changed is Lighttpd, and I can't find a version older than the latest to try and rule it out.

Methanoid said...


I have 1.4.26-1 version of Lighttpd and that works fine. What version are you running? I'm loath to upgrade mine now!!


Soopahfly said...

The latest one is 1.4.28-1.

Every time I try and force an install from a prior version, it goes nuts and downloads the latest.


This has effectively taken a nice working box, doing everything I wanted...and turned it into junk.

I wish I hadn't changed the drive now :(

For said...

I use HS-DHGL_FW_229-shmod9 mod. Problem is utorrent client. Both speed are freezing, when I seed more than 15 torrents. I use that box only for seeding. Maybe someone can tell me where the problem are. Maybe you could help with other services, disable.
In prior I use the older mod where also other torrentclient, there I'm seeding at the same time several hundred torrents.

AcerTravel said...

I install the firmware version 2.29 of stevie wonder, and i have problem adding torrent through
webui, i mean that i can´t add torrent using webui.
I can i resolve this...
Please, any help would be appreciated

Football said...

Installing NZBGet/NZBGetweb really isn't that difficult once you read up, and read some more lol.

What would make a very very welcome addition, would be a blocklist app, something like Linblock!

What do you think Stevie Wonder??
Is it possible?

Gary said...

Looks like both Methanoid and Stevie Wonder went to the great beyond.

Anyone have any further links for Stevie's firmware, etc.?

Methanoid said...

Hardly... but since I dont have an LS right now (again) I'm not doing anything and you need to be at Nas-central for modded FW.

And yes, I do update the blog.. but people keep posting on the old topics ;)

Gary said...

Really, I see no blog updates since Sept 2010 - sounds like my level of blog updates ;-)

No sign of much as Nas-central either.

Pity you don't have the LS-Live anymore. I've looked at replacing, but can't see anything with the low power consumption and flexibility around - so the LS-Live soldiers on with 4TB of storage.

roopa said...

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Methanoid said...

Thanks for your kind words. I have to confess I haven['t posted for ages and your comments have spurred me to action.

cefu2 said...

Methanoid or any other charitative soul, I want to try Stevies' mod11, which I understand is his latestDHGL firmware, but available links are dead, could sombebody re-upload them? Thanks a lot!

Methanoid said...

Use the SHMOD firmware, available easily at nas-central.org. It does everything the Stevie one does if memory serves and it is updated

Stevie Wonder said...

mod14 is the latest



Firmware 2.34
Twonky config survives a firmware update
Fix Bittorrent problem if main share is renamed (e.g. /mnnt/disk1/share is
Update Busybox

Firmware 2.33
Updated To Twonky 6.0.39
Updated To NasNavi 2.43
Updated To Putty 0.62