Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Return of the King?

Aha, a nifty LOTR reference. My attempts to pension off the Linkstation just keep failing.

My "low power server" isn't as low power as I'd like (cos the Linkstation has spoiled me with 10W or so) so I keep coming back to the LS. I've worked out a way to use the Linkstation to send Growl notifications from Digiguide (as reminders of TV shows) and from NZBget when items have been downloaded. So that's another job a PC could do that the LS can now do.

I even looked into some media streamers to replace my Ion boxes. They can do NAS-like things but none have the CPU power of the LS so again its the triumph of the LS's energy efficiency.

I'll report on Linkstation Growling in due course.

(Low) Power to the People !!!!

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