Friday, August 27, 2010

10 Greatest Songs - #5

The Police - Roxanne

I seem to recall my mother (who worked at a Job Centre) telling me that
she'd asked a client if he had a police record (as the job vacancy
needed to know) and was told he had Regatta De Blanc. I also recall many
comedians in the early 80s doing their versions of that joke but I also
remember how exciting The Police were at that time. They were something
new and had their own style - the bleached blonde hair. Roxanne was the
first big hit they had and was unusual for chart sounds at the time in
that it changed in tempo several times in the record. The song is the
story of a prostitute and her boyfriend who wants her to quit. Many of
The Police's songs had stories to tell (but did "De Do Do Do De Da Da
Da"? Probably not.

Watch and listen here.

Only four more to go... and you might be surprised ;)

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