Thursday, May 12, 2011

10 Greatest Songs - #1

Ooops I forgot to complete the list with #1. Anyone who knows me will know what #1 is....

Abba - S.O.S.

Why Abba? Come on, surely they are so dated? Nope, if you honestly look at Abba's back catalogue you'd see that Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson wrote some of the best pop music ever. It's catchy as hell. Everyone knows it can sing along (badly in my case, so normally inside my head!) and how many people loved the movie (and show) Mamma Mia? It's not just the boys work though, the girls sing so well together and they actually pronounce the English properly. I'm fed up with slurred English or Ghetto English from American "artists".

Why SOS? Well it's just such a catchy melody underneath the vocals. It resonates. It's just a great piece of music.

So, go BUY it (yes, BUY or LEGALLY download it).

PS: I fancy Frida (the dark haired one)... cos I don't follow the crowd!!

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