Thursday, May 12, 2011

Updates - check out the Replay board

Well overdue as usual

1) The server I built was tried and cancelled. It worked fine but seemed a bit pointless. After all you have to weigh the costs of the server against electricity costs. In this case it made sense NOT to spend money but to put my other box on as a server. And would you believe it? My Core i5-760 system with 6 hard disks idles around 50-55w. Not bad at all. So far I have resisted temptation to have a Sandy Bridge system and am waiting for the next generation processors, Ivy Bridge.

2) Amithlon, AROS etc. I saw a bargain board (a D945GCLF2 again!) and couldn't resist. So adding a cheap 2Gb DIMM and a case I have the bones for another system. I know its AROS compatible as well as Mac OSX, Windows and Linux but I remember it booted Amithlon and it seems the new kernel4 for Amithlon has drivers that support the onboard sound and network. Expect an update eventually

3) FPGA Replay board. I am very keen to get one of these as its in effect a mini Amiga but running many times faster and it can be reconfigured to be many different classic machines. C64 or Atari ST for example (in time). I'll post when I have one!

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