Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Android Tablets

I have investigated Android tablets, even though I have an iPad. Why? Well iOS generally doesn’t allow emulators so no Amiga games on your iPad. Android does allow emulation so I can run UAE4Droid or Gameboid and play those classic games I want to. And Android tablets are generally cheaper too. Plus Plex works on Android.

So I looked at the Kindle Fire – a friend went to the states but couldn’t get me one. I also looked at the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet (slightly better spec than Kindle Fire) but the boot loader on that is secured and it isn’t looking like being busted open soon. So less hack possibilities.

Recently I looked at some of the Chinese iPad lookalikes. This one is the favourite so far. Powered by a Rockchip (Chinese clone ARM chip) and offering an 8” capacitive screen (avoid resistive ones!) it has an 800x600 4:3 ratio screen. Ideal for UAE4Droid. I may buy one!


Biju Nadesan said...

try this tablet: http://www.auraslate.com/
Its completely opened and firmware source available!

cherrin said...

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Methanoid said...

If you want to use my blog for advertising at least you be sending me a tablet for review - I'll review it and post an unbiased review. You just choose the product(s)! Otherwise its not clever to post adverts in links :-)