Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Recently I splurged a little and upgraded by main PC that has server duties. I didn’t really need to as it ran an i5-760 at 4ghz but those Sandy Bridge CPUs tempted me and I found some well priced components. I now have a Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3 (rev1, BIOS F6) with a Core i7-2600K (4 cores plus hyperthreading) running at 4ghz (until I experiment with proper overclocking).

One of the reasons for these choices were to Hackintosh again. I have an iMac (which is lovely) but remain tempted by a little hack. Tonymacx86.com has some good guides and Gigabyte mobos are well supported, with Intel HD3000 graphics supposedly compatible.

Well not for me! I installed Lion using Unibeast USB stick, upgraded to 10.7.2 and used Multibeast to install the kexts and bootloader. But it likes to hang on boot up. This may be related to my hardware (I have additional HDD controllers) but right now I don’t have it working L

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